Get 30 Dental Implant Enquiries Every Month... Guaranteed!

Become your area’s go-to dental implant expert, give your team the power to turn leads into appointments, and reach new patients like never before.

Discover how to earn $ 50,000 a month in new revenue business WITHOUT offering free services, upselling existing patients, or spending tons of money on marketing that doesn’t meet your needs.

Connect with real people who want beautiful new smiles - and grow your practice. 

Why Implants?

Dental implants are high-value treatments.

A typical dental implant procedure starts at around $5,000 - and can cost up to $60,000 from start to finish.   

Bringing in even a few new patients who need dental implants can have a transformative effect on your practice - and your bottom line. 

However, to truly grow your practice, you need the right kind of patient to join your practice. 

What makes someone a great patient? 

It’s simple: even if they don’t end up getting implants, they still have a problem you can solve - and will likely be interested in crowns, bridges, dentures, or other services. 

There’s a huge difference in mindset between patients who just want a free check-up and clean and those who will pay top dollar for your best services. 

You may struggle to retain one while the other will provide you virtually guaranteed business for months - or years - to come.

How It Works

Step 1: Get Affordable, Real Leads from Your Local Area

We provide you with a pack of 30 verified leads who are thinking about getting dental implants.

By committing to multiple leads at once, you get each lead at a reduced overall cost - as well as more opportunities to turn these prospects into patients.

Step 2:  Launch a Proven and Powerful Dental Implant Marketing Strategy

At Dental Growth Academy, we’re focused on one thing: helping Australia’s best implant dentists bring in more leads.

After years of building powerful campaigns for dental implant specialists, we’ve created, tested, and refined a system guaranteed to bring you the best leads at the lowest price.

Based on best practices, your marketing funnel is customised to put the spotlight on what makes you stand out in this competitive industry.

Your campaign will take advantage of the huge number of prospects currently using Facebook and Instagram. 

However, we are always looking to the future – and will always go where your audience is headed next.

Step 3: Get Your Marketing Campaign and Team Training

After the campaign setup is complete, we will send you and your team your marketing campaign.

You’ll be able to see how each part of your marketing funnel works before it goes live, ensuring you know how to use it to succeed.

You have final approval over all marketing assets, and your dental team will be brought up to speed on what your new marketing campaign looks like. 

Your team will also be given word-for-word call scripts and training to help you turn your prospects’ outreach into appointments on the books

Step 4: Launch Your Powerful Marketing Funnel

All you have to do is launch your marketing funnel.

Qualified leads will be coming to you with problems and questions. You’ll have the answers, the confidence, and the knowledge that you can provide life-changing treatments - and give them the smiles they’ve always wanted.

Step 5: Use Data to Measure Your Success

Using our lead tracking technology, you’ll be able to tell immediately how much our leads are earning.

You can use this data to optimise your practice’s operations – and grow your business!

You will be able to quickly and easily see:

  • How many leads have become new patients
  • How much each new patient has brought to your practice
  • If you’re missing out on any opportunities in your follow-ups

Why Dental Growth Academy?

Dental Growth Academy, led by Kristan Johnson, provides the tools and resources you need to achieve massive growth. We help you find and nurture great patients as you build your seven-figure dental practice.

Kristan founded Dental Growth Academy after working for a large multinational advertising agency. After watching shareholders get prioritized over customers, he decided to start an agency focused entirely on two things: clients and results.

Over the last 5 years working directly with dentists, he’s heard many stories about how other agencies promise great things - but rarely deliver.

Altitude Digital lives and breathes dental marketing. We know what you need to do to grow, and we have access to the latest strategies to help you get ahead of the competition and in front of your best patients.

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